P-20 Regional Collaboratives

Vision: Communities united to empower educators to maximize student success.
Mission Statement: Utilizing shared resources to provide ongoing and reciprocal learning opportunities for all stakeholders, guided by need.
What are P-20 Collaboratives?
The Georgia Department of Education, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, and the University System of Georgia came together in 2014 to establish P-20 Collaboratives: Systems of support to provide a seamless transition for pre-service candidates as they seek to become professional educators, as well as to provide continued professional learning for practicing educators and leaders.

Nine regions were identified across Georgia, with each clustered around a group of institutions or agencies that prepare teachers. Each collaborative convenes twice during the academic year—once in the fall and once in the winter or spring. Topics of interest include recruitment and training of future teachers, induction for in-service teachers, support for educational leaders, and professional learning for all. Strategic planning teams lead each region by scheduling convenings and planning agendas based on the specific needs of the region.
How can I get involved?
Determine the region where you partner with a school system or educator preparation program and register for the upcoming convening. We look forward to working with you!

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P-20 Collaboratives

212 P-12s

16 RESAs

70 EPPs

3 SEAs

1.7 Million Students

P-20 Collaboratives Map
Upcoming P-20 Events
Athens P-20 Fall
2022 Collaborative - TBA
East P-20 Fall
Collaborative -
November 2, 2022
(Agenda available soon)
Metro Atlanta P-20 Fall Collaborative -
September 29, 2022
** Event Registration **
Middle Georgia P-20 Fall
2022 Collaborative - TBA
Northeast P-20 Fall
2022 Collaborative - TBA
Northwest P-20 Fall
Collaborative -
October 27, 2022
(Agenda available soon)
Southeast P-20 Fall
Collaborative -
October 13, 2022
Southwest P-20 Fall
Collaborative -
October 20, 2022
West P-20 Fall
Collaborative -
October 6, 2022
What Are the Benefits of School System, University, and RESA Partnerships?
By connecting theory and practice, teacher candidates are better prepared for their roles in the classroom. There is also a shared understanding of P-12 school needs, positively impacting professional learning for all. Reciprocal relationships that are mutually beneficially for everyone and focused on improving student learning is the heartbeat behind P-20 Collaboratives.