Ethics Assessments

The Georgia Educator Ethics Assessments are designed to both teach and assess knowledge of the Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators and ethical skills to guide behaviors and decision making.

There are two different Educator Ethics Assessments:
  • Educator Ethics – Program Entry (GACE Test Code 350);
  • Educator Ethics – Program Exit (GACE Test Code 360).
The following individuals must complete the Educator Ethics Assessment - Program Entry:
  • Applicants for Pre-Service certificates who enrolled in educator preparation programs on July 1, 2014, or later.
  • Applicants for Induction Pathway 4 teaching certificates.
The following individuals must earn a passing score on the Educator Ethics Assessment - Program Exit:
  • Applicants for Induction Pathway 1 or 2 teaching certificates;
  • Applicants for conversion of Induction Pathway 3 or 4 teaching certificates.
  • Applicants for extension of an initial Permit in a teaching field.
Georgia educators who held professional Georgia certification prior to 2015 are not required to take the Educator Ethics Assessments to maintain certification.

For more information about the GACE Educator Ethics Assessments, please visit the GACE website.