Complaint Form and Instructions

The State of Georgia has authorized the Georgia Professional Standards Commission to establish and uphold ethical and professional standards within the teaching profession. The Code of Ethics for Georgia Educators lists those standards. The Commission also has the authority to conduct investigations to determine if probable cause exists to believe that an educator has committed an act that warrants disciplinary action.

A school district's administration or board should handle issues related only to local school policy and procedures, as the Commission does not have jurisdiction over local issues.

According to Georgia law, any citizen of the state of Georgia may file a complaint against a certified/licensed educator. The complaint must be in writing and signed by the complainant. To help the GaPSC staff process your complaint as quickly as possible, follow these guidelines:

Public Submission

  • Complete all areas of the General Complaint Form for Public Submission. Be sure to include the educator’s full name, school district, and school location or program.
  • Briefly describe the alleged violation of the Code of Ethics for Educators or the reason for your complaint.
  • Include dates and times of alleged violation.
  • If applicable, attach supporting documentation including the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any potential witnesses, if known.
  • Mail or fax the completed forms to the Educator Ethics Division at the address or fax number given on the bottom of the form.

Public or Private School Districts

  • The LUA Complaint and Testing Violation Complaint forms are accessible in the 'Downloads' section after signing in to
The Commission considers complaints at its regular monthly meeting during the second week in every month. Complaints received after the staff deadline for the meeting will be considered at the next monthly meeting. After the Commission meeting, the staff will notify complainants in writing whether or not the Commission voted to investigate a complaint. If you have questions regarding the complaint process, please call the Educator Ethics Division at 404-232-2700.