Teacher Leadership for Teachers

"Teacher leaders, working laterally with their peers, have tremendous ability to affect change within an organization and equip their colleagues to reach their full potentials as educators."
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Why are teacher leaders essential?

Teacher leaders:
  • Strengthen the teaching profession and increase teacher retention
  • Influence school operations without necessarily entering administration
  • Serve as a catalyst for change in schools and build a culture of trust
  • Support the growth of other teachers by sharing expertise and promoting collaboration
  • Increase the quality of instruction and improve student achievement
Teacher leaders are frequently characterized by the following traits:
  • Trustworthy
  • Active listener
  • Decision maker
  • Mediator
  • Life-long learner
Examples of Teacher Leaders include but are not limited to the following:
  • An experienced teacher who serves as a mentor
  • A teacher who has experienced success and shares data in his/her Professional Learning Community (PLC) meeting each week about those successes and how they were accomplished
  • A teacher who models teaching techniques or strategies to others (high school students, college students, student teachers) in a variety of settings
  • A teacher who serves on a long-term committee or is part of an organized group that suggests or makes decisions for a department, school, or district
  • A teacher who serves as a department chair, a grade-level or subject-area leader, or a team leader
  • A teacher who is not in a formal position, but because of his or her positive influence and demeanor, influences others
  • A teacher who facilitates meaningful conversations and collaboration among staff and administrators
  • A teacher who seeks additional opportunities for professional growth to support student learning
  • A teacher who guides others in the use of data to improve student growth

Following in this toolkit are resources and guidance specifically developed to help teachers learn how to advocate for and facilitate the types of change in schools that will allow teacher leadership (their own and that of their peers) to grow and thrive. Download the toolkit to read more.