Add A Field/Endorsement

The requirements for adding a field to your certificate depend on the type of certificate you currently hold and the type of field (teaching, service or leadership) you wish to add.

Adding a Field to a Professional Certificate

If you hold a valid level 4 or higher Induction or Professional teaching certificate, you may add teaching fields to your certificate in the following ways:
  • Any field may be added by completing a state-approved certification program in the new field and all applicable Special Georgia Requirements to include the appropriate content assessment. Georgia educators adding a new field by completion of a higher degree must meet additional requirements to qualify for a certificate level upgrade;
  • Teaching fields may be automatically added to professional teaching certificates by passing the appropriate content assessment. The field of Elementary Education and the joint field of Special Education General Curriculum/Elementary Education may not be added by simply passing the content assessment. Adding one of these fields requires completion of a state-approved program and applicable Special Georgia Requirements;
  • To add any Career and Technical Specializations or Healthcare Science field, an individual must complete the occupational experience in the area of specialization. For certain fields, an individual must hold and maintain a valid industry license and satisfy applicable assessments as outlined here.
To add any Service field to any valid Induction or Professional certificate, an individual must:
  • Satisfy requirements outlined here and in the individual Service field rule.
To add any new teaching field to an existing certificate in any service or leadership field, an individual must:
  • Complete a GaPSC-accepted state-approved certification program in the new field and receive verification of program completion from the program provider and complete all applicable Special Georgia Requirements.
To add any leadership field to an existing professional or Induction certificate, an individual must: To add an endorsement to a valid Induction or Professional certificate, please visit the Endorsement page.

Need more information? Click here to read the rule detailing procedures for adding a field to your certificate.

If you have satisfied one of the options above and are ready to apply, please review our Application Forms & Procedures.