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Approved Programs

Read this important message before referring to the search results below! Due to recent rule changes, the list of GaPSC-accepted advanced preparation programs shown below may be incomplete. Advanced preparation programs offered by GaPSC-approved colleges and universities that do not lead to a Georgia certificate, do not require GaPSC approval, yet they are accepted by the GaPSC for the purposes of certificate level upgrades. All colleges and universities listed on this website are approved by the GaPSC. Please check with the institution to determine which programs are offered, and which programs are appropriate for you and will result in a certificate level upgrade. Georgia, or in-state, institutions are well versed in GaPSC rules. Out-of-state institutions may not be familiar with GaPSC rules; therefore may not have the most accurate and up-to-date information. Prior to talking with representatives of out-of-state institutions please read the Certification Upgrades Guidance Document for Educators located on certificate upgrades of the GaPSC webpages.

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