Retired Educator Certificate FAQs

What is a Retired Educator certificate?

The Retired Educator certificate is a renewable certificate that allows retired Georgia educators to maintain certification for the purposes of substitute teaching or other educational activities for which GaPSC educator certification is not required but may be desirable.

What is the benefit of a Retired Educator certificate?

Retired Educator certificate holders are placed in the highest priority group on substitute teaching lists for Georgia local units of administration (LUAs). This is advantageous to retired educators who wish to substitute, and/or maintain certification while not being held to the same professional learning requirements for renewal of those educators in the classroom.

How do I qualify for a Retired Educator certificate?

You must have previously held a GaPSC renewable, professional educator certificate, be verifiably retired by the Teacher’s Retirement System of Georgia or comparable Georgia private school system, and not hold any other valid Georgia educator certificate.

How do I verify that I am a retired educator?

As part of your application package, please submit a Retirement Verification Letter on official letterhead from the Teacher’s Retirement System of Georgia. TRS may be contacted through the following link:

How does a Retired Educator Certificate differ in appearance from my previous Professional certification?

Your Retired Educator certificate will list the Professional fields you previously held, yet each will be denoted with an “R” to signify retired status.

What is the validity period of the Retired Educator certificate?

The Retired Educator certificate is valid for 30 years.

What if I decide I want to reinstate my previous Professional certification?

You must meet renewal requirements as outlined in rule 505-2-.36 RENEWAL REQUIREMENTS. Your Retired Educator certificate will be invalidated upon renewal of your Professional certification.

What is House Bill 385 and how does it affect me as a retired educator?

Effective July 1, 2022, House Bill 385 will allow certain Teachers Retirement System beneficiaries to return to work full-time in a Georgia public school system in an area of highest need while continuing to receive their retirement benefits. For guidance on returning to full-time employment under the provisions of this bill please see the HB385 Frequently Asked Questions.