Test Eligibility

Test Eligibility
Educator preparation candidates are prospective educators who are currently enrolled in an approved certification program. Candidates may be enrolled in an approved program in Georgia or in an out-of-state approved certification program. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the program that he/she is enrolled in is approved.

Candidates enrolled in traditional Georgia programs must seek eligibility for GACE testing from their program provider. Upon approval from the program provider for testing eligibility, the candidate will create or login to his/her MyPSC account to pre-register for testing and contact GACE to complete registration. If student teaching/clinical practice will be completed in Georgia, the candidate must follow the program provider’s regulations to receive the Pre-Service certificate. Upon completion of all requirements of the approved program, any additional certification requirements, and employment by a Georgia local unit of administration (LUA) the candidate will qualify for the Induction Certificate.

Eligibility System

  • Program providers provide eligibility for their candidates through the Traditional Program Management System (TPMS), which is accessible to program providers at www.gapsc.org.

Why Control Eligibility to Take a GACE Assessment?

  • Program providers are held accountable for the pass rates of their candidates who take GACE assessment(s). This eligibility process will help ensure examinees have the preparation needed before they test and will help inform preparation programs about additional areas of support that may be needed.

Candidate Registration Process

  • As soon as a new candidate record has been accepted in the TPMS system, a notification email will be sent to the candidate informing him/her to create a MyPSC account (or update his/her existing account);
  • It is vital to request eligibility and to use the correct eligibility reason. Candidates must ensure that they have been granted eligibility by their program providers before registering to take the GACE Assessment. Candidates must have an enrollment record visible on their MyPSC account, granted eligibility and select the following option when registering for GACE assessment on the MyPSC account:
    • I am enrolled in or have completed a Georgia-approved program and have obtained eligibility from my program provider to take a content assessment.
      Note: GaTAPP candidates should not ask for eligibility to take the assessments. Your provider will grant eligibility at the appropriate time and you will receive an email with the information needed to register.
  • Candidates enrolled in post-baccalaureate, certification-only or M.A.T programs should select the following option:
    • I am taking a content assessment to gain eligibility for employment and plan to complete a state-approved program such as GaTAPP, a certification-only program, or a Master's degree with a certification program embedded.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Candidates may NOT be able to register or take the GACE assessment if testing eligibility has NOT been granted or if the incorrect eligibility option has been selected.

Which GACE Assessments and Which Candidates Require Eligibility?

  • Traditional program providers grant eligibility to candidates to take the GACE Content assessment(s) in their field of preparation (except certification-only paths and MAT paths);
  • The GaPSC will automatically grant eligibility for appropriate teaching fields for certification-only paths, M.A.T. paths, GaTAPP non-traditional paths, teachers who are adding fields to their existing certificate based on test (s) and out of state educators.