Traditional Educator Preparation

Traditional educator preparation programs are those offered by Georgia four-year colleges and universities. Regionally accredited institutions administratively based in Georgia are eligible to seek GaPSC approval to offer programs leading to certification in teaching, leadership, or service fields. Programs are offered at a variety of levels including bachelors, master’s or higher degrees, or as post-baccalaureate non-degree (certification-only) programs. Colleges and universities also offer endorsement programs.

To earn and maintain GaPSC approval, traditional educator preparation providers (EPPs) must provide evidence of meeting rigorous standards and content-specific requirements described in Educator Preparation Rules for each field.

Educator Preparation Division staff provide outreach and technical assistance for Georgia EPPs to ensure they understand standards, preparation program rules, and approval review procedures. Outreach and technical assistance options include conferences, webinars, professional learning communities, guidance documents and other resources, as well as consultations with staff.

Partnerships with P-12 schools and school systems are essential components of effective educator preparation. Georgia’s P-20 Regional Collaboratives provide a platform for program providers and P-12 representatives to share resources and work together to support effective educator recruitment, preparation, and retention.