Application Status

We are currently processing complete application packages received on or before May 10, 2024. If your application or any supporting documentation was received in our office after that date, please be patient.

To help us process applications efficiently, please wait at least two weeks after completing your application before contacting our office with any concerns.

You may check the status of your application through your MyPSC account by following these steps:
  1. Login to your MyPSC account. If you are having trouble, see the MyPSC FAQs or contact MyPSC Assistance;
  2. Once you have logged in, click on the Applications/Documentation/Status link in your MyPSC Dashboard;
  3. Scroll down to view your Case History. Any application or certification request opens a case.
    • Look at the “Date Created” for your most recent case. If this date is after May 10, 2024, we may not have been able to review your case yet. Please be patient;
    • Most cases will also have a status listed. The status will be blank when we first receive your application. Once a GaPSC staff member begins to work on your case, it will have one of these statuses:
      • Open
        Your case is awaiting assignment to a GaPSC staff member for review and will be assigned in the order it was received. Please continue to be patient and monitor your MyPSC account for status updates or correspondence.
      • Holding
        Further documentation is needed to process your application. The case will remain open for 45 days, but is on hold pending receipt of certain documents. Please check the Correspondence section of your MyPSC account for a “Hold Letter” detailing the missing documents. All requested documents except for official college transcripts should be uploaded in the Applications section of your MyPSC account. See How to Submit Application Materials for more information about submitting documents and forms.
      • Closed
        When your case is closed, you should receive a new certificate/license, correspondence, or both. Please check the Credential section of your MyPSC account to see if a certificate or license was issued and the Correspondence section to view any recent communication from our office.
  4. If a new Correspondence or Credential has been issued, you can view and print it in those sections of your MyPSC account.

When to Contact the Certification Division

Most cases can be monitored according to the steps outlined above and do not require the applicant to contact the Certification Division. However, please contact us in the following situations:
  • If your case is on Hold, but no correspondence was issued through your MyPSC account;
  • If your case is Closed, but neither correspondence nor a new credential was issued through your MyPSC account;
  • If your college/university is sending an official transcript that will be under a different last name than the one on your certification application.
Contact us anytime using our Contact Certification web form.