Program Providers Seeking GaPSC Approval

The resources provided on this page are intended for Georgia institutions and agencies interested in seeking GaPSC approval to offer programs leading to Georgia educator certification. All providers of programs that lead to certification, whether they are traditional (offered by an institution of higher education) or non-traditional (alternative preparation), degree bearing or non-degree bearing, or endorsements must be approved by the GaPSC before students are enrolled. The administrative unit, or organization that offers the program(s) is called the educator preparation provider (EPP) and it, as well as each program offered must be approved. From start to finish, the approval process for a new EPP can take up to two years. Long-term planning, dedicated resources, and a clear understanding of the process are essential for success. A good resource for learning the basics is the document titled, "Steps to Becoming a GaPSC-approved Program Provider". This and other documents are listed below for downloading. Additional resources are available on the resources page for Educator Preparation Program Providers.

Document Title Format
Steps to Becoming a GaPSC-approved Program Provider PDF File
EPP Readiness Framework PDF File
EPP Readiness Framework Guidance Document PDF File
EPP Readiness Self-assessment Checklist PDF File
Guidance for Out-of-State EPPs Seeking GaPSC Approval PDF File