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State-Maintained Testing Records

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC), as a courtesy to the state's educators, can provide certain official test score information for those assessments whose scores are otherwise not retrievable. The GaPSC does not charge for the retrieval, validation, or mailing of the score documentation. It may take 10-15 working days from receipt of the request until the documents leave our office. Request form and test results cannot be emailed. See information below to request your testing records.

The only scores available from the GaPSC are:
  1. Teacher Certification Test (TCT) assessments regardless of date taken
  2. Georgia Paraprofessional assessments regardless of date taken; and
  3. Praxis I and Praxis II assessments taken more than 10 years ago.
Please Note:
  • Only scores reported to the GaPSC from the testing companies and used for your certification are in our test score databases. For example, if you were certified in Georgia through reciprocity from another state, the test scores may not be available from the GaPSC, but would need to be obtained from the state to which you originally submitted the scores. Also, if you took an assessment for a field you did not become certified in, the GaPSC may not have maintained that score.
  • These score documents are not duplicates of the original score reports you received. They are official reports from the GaPSC of the information on record. For example, Praxis sends a Praxis Score Report to each examinee with a variety of information. The GaPSC document will list your assessments with date(s) and score(s) achieved according to the records of the GaPSC.
  • Information from our databases cannot be edited; the document will contain all assessments, with dates and scores. For example, you may require the score for only one assessment; however the document will list all assessments on record.
The GaPSC does not provide GACE scores. GACE score reports from administrations on or prior to August 17, 2013, must be obtained from:
Evaluation Systems, Pearson
web site: http://www.gace.nesinc.com/index.asp
Duplicate scores: http://www.gace.nesinc.com/GA_scorereport_opener.asp
Telephone: 800-523-7064, 413-256-2894
GACE score reports from administrations on or after October 5, 2013, must be obtained from your ETS GACE testing account.


To request your TCT, Georgia Paraprofessional, or Praxis scores of more than 10 years ago, complete, print, and sign the Request for state maintained testing records (_.pdf) (requires Adobe Reader).
All Requests are processed in the order received. The GaPSC does not confirm receipt of forms or provide anticipated completion dates.
You must complete all fields for your request to be processed.
Scores will be sent to the requester only. You will check the method of receipt you prefer; however, the documents will not be sent to any third parties.
Request for Verification of Scores: ETS follows rigorous procedures to ensure validity and reliability of constructed-response scoring in accordance with the American Educational Research Association Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing guidelines. Consequently, there is no rescoring service for written, spoken, or signed responses to any GACE assessment.