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Understanding Your GA Certificate

The print date is the date the certificate was printed and has no effect on the validity period or effective date.

The effective date of the certificate level indicates the earliest date that the corresponding certificate level is recognized. The effective date is subject to the date application materials are received for processing; the effective date may not be any earlier than the July 1 prior to the date the application package was complete.

The certificate validity date (validity period) is established for each individual field of certification and varies according to the conditions of issuance.
The level assigned to a certificate indicates the highest degree level recognized by the GaPSC which has been awarded to the certificate holder.
Level 1 – (Selected Career, Technical and Agricultural Education fields only) completion of a high school diploma or the GED equivalent;
Level 2 - (Selected Career, Technical and Agricultural Education fields only) completion of an associate's degree or one of the following options:
  • 54 semester hours of acceptable college credit;
  • A two-year program consisting of a minimum of 2,000 clock hours through a regionally accredited post-secondary vocational/technical school in the field in which certification is requested; or
  • A minimum of 27 semester hours of acceptable college credit or university credit and a minimum of 1,000 clock hours through an accredited vocational/technical school in the field in which certification is requested.
Level 4 – Completion of a bachelor’s degree or the GaPSC’s determined degree equivalent;
Level 5 – Completion of a master’s degree or the GaPSC’s determined degree equivalent;
Level 6 – Completion of an education specialist's degree or the GaPSC’s determined degree equivalent; OR completion of a minimum of thirty-six (36) semester hours of coursework required for a level seven doctoral degree and successful completion of the oral and/or written comprehensive examinations or the institution’s determined equivalent;
Level 7 – Completion of a Ph.D. or Ed.D degree or the GaPSC’s determined equivalent.
For further clarification regarding certification levels assigned to various degrees and majors, please see this chart and Certification Rule 505-2-.02 (.pdf) (requires Adobe Reader).
Certificate codes are designated by specific letters which identify particular types and titles of certificates.
A Advanced Degree Alternative
AIDE Non-Instructional Aide
AP Advanced Professional
C Clearance Certificate
CA Core Academic
CP Clinical Practice
D Life
EI Educational Interpreter License
I Intern
IN1 Induction Pathway 1
IN2 Induction Pathway 2
IN3 Induction Pathway 3
IN4 Induction Pathway 4
J Adjunct
L Leadership
LP Lead Professional
N Non-Renewable
NN Non-Renewable Non-Professional
NP Non-Renewable Performance-Based
O One Year Supervised Practicum
P Performance-Based
P Permit
PARA Paraprofessional License
PR Performance-Based Professional
PS Pre-Service
R Retired
S Service
SI Supplemental Induction
SR Standard Professional
T Teaching
TS Technical Specialist
W Waiver
X International Exchange
Georgia offers certification in a variety of fields with specific subjects or grade levels assigned to each field. Teaching fields consist of Early Childhood Education (P-5), Middle Grades (4-8), Secondary Education (6-12), CTAE and P-12 Fields (Art, Foreign Language, Music, Special Education, etc.) Service fields and Leadership fields allow the educator to serve at all grade levels (P-12). In addition to full certification fields, endorsements to certificates are offered in teaching, service, and leadership areas.
Correction of Certificates:
Questions about your certificate should be directed to your employer’s personnel officer or to the Professional Standards Commission. If there appears to be an error on your certificate, please return it within forty-five (45) days with a letter of explanation. An incorrectly issued certificate may be recalled.