The resources provided on this page are intended to assist in educator ethics awareness. Click on the links below to view.




Third Party Links

  • EthicsGame and Pioneer RESA - This one-of-a-kind program is delivered online and provides school board members with tools to build an ethical culture in their school system.
  • RESA Course #1397 - Ethics for Educators – In this online course participants will focus on professional ethics - our shared and mutually enforced professional norms. Participants will go through three learning tools created by EthicsGame that will enhance their ethical awareness, critical thinking, and ethical decision making. Completers can earn one PLU. There is a cost associated with the course. This course is an excellent resource to use in a professional development plan for Educators who have recently received a sanction to their certificate. Visit the website for more information:
  • Georgia Center for Child Advocacy – Georgia’s Prevention Initiative starts with the premise that adults are responsible for the safety of children. But many adults feel unable to protect children from sexual abuse because they do not know enough about the problem or the steps they can take to reduce the risk. This Stewards of Children Prevention Training provides training for adults and teachers on signs of sex abuse displayed by children. There is a cost for this program. See for more information.
  • ComplianceDirector is a web-based, online training and records management system which helps systems manage their critical compliance related activities; available 24/7.