1. What is a program provider?
    Program providers are Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs), Local Education Agencies (LEAs), or organizations approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) to offer a GaTAPP program.
  2. Who are the program providers?
    Please visit the Program Providers list for current GaTAPP programs for specific requirements and operations of the GaTAPP program.
  3. I understand that I must secure a job offer to participate in GaTAPP; how do I accomplish this?
    The GaPSC has a Recruitment Services Division for teachers. Please visit www.teachgeorgia.org for additional information.
  4. How much does GaTAPP cost?
    The tuition costs for Candidates will be determined by the program provider.
  5. How do I get an application for the GaTAPP program?
    The GaPSC approves the programs offered by the program providers. It does not provide applications or select Candidates for the GaTAPP program. The program providers supply prospective program Candidates' information for their programs. Please visit a list of Program Providers and contact information.

    Teach Georgia at www.teachgeorgia.org
  6. Can a previously certified teacher with two years of teaching experience be a GaTAPP Candidate?
    The GaTAPP program is designed for individuals who have not completed an education program in teaching and have no state Professional Teacher certification or its equivalent from Georgia, any other state, or country. Candidates with Non-renewable, Leadership, and Service certificate holders, from Georgia or any other state or country, are eligible for GaTAPP.
  7. Can a GaTAPP Candidate change school systems and continue in the program?
    Candidates may change school systems and continue in the program, provided that it is a satisfactory arrangement with the employing school system and the GaTAPP provider.
  8. What are the exemptions for GaPSC's Program Admissions Assessment requirement?
    Exemptions options for the GACE Program Admission Assessment are available at https://www.gapsc.com/EducatorPreparation/Assessment/BasicSkillsInfo.aspx.
  9. Where and when are GaTAPP informational meetings/sessions held?
    Program providers may offer GaTAPP information sessions for their GaTAPP paths. Please visit the GaPSC's website at Program Providers to obtain this information.
  10. Does GaTAPP involve my going back to school full-time?
    No--Candidates will teach during the day and attend seminars and Georgia Special Requirement classes in summer or evening while in the GaTAPP program. The instruction Candidates take is individualized and determined by the Candidate Support Team (A school-based administrator, school-based mentor/coach, Provider Supervisor, and a content specialist if not already represented by a member of the team).
  11. Will I be paid for teaching while participating in GaTAPP?
    Yes. Check with the employing school district to verify the pay schedule.

Best wishes on your GaTAPP journey!