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Are you a certified Georgia Educator? You can find answers to your questions here.

Current Georgia Educators

Understanding your Georgia Certificate

Now that I have a certificate, what do I need to know about it? What does it allow me to teach ? When does it expire? Use the links below to manage your certificate:

Certification & Licensure Assessments

Most Georgia educator certificates require some type of certification assessment. Please use the link above to learn more about the different types of assessments and the certificates and licenses for which each is required.

Professional Ethics/Background Check

As a Georgia Educator you will be held to high standards of professional and ethical conduct. Upon employment, there will be an FBI background check, and a state background check when you renew your certificate, Find out MORE ...

Educator Ethics Knowledge Quiz

Jobs and Job Fairs

I’m certified and ready to work. How do I find out about job vacancies and how do I apply for a job?

What course can I teach?

What does the state curriculum look like in my certificate field?