Acceptable Out-of-State Certificates

The following certificates are generally considered professional by the GaPSC, and are therefore acceptable for Georgia certification by interstate reciprocity.

Please note, this information is provided to assist prospective Georgia educators in preparing their application packages. Out-of-state certificates submitted with applications will be evaluated individually. Evaluation of interstate reciprocity applications may be affected by variations or changes in other states’ certification requirements that are not reflected here. For example, if the professional certificate was issued for reasons other than completion of a state-approved educator preparation program including pedagogy and clinical practice outside of Georgia, it will not be accepted.

State Acceptable Certificates
Alabama Professional
Alaska Professional; Master Teacher
Arizona Initial Provisional; Standard
Arkansas Initial Licensure; Standard Licensure
California Preliminary; Professional Clear
Colorado Initial; Professional; Master Certification
Connecticut Initial; Provisional; Professional
District of Columbia Regular II Teaching Credential; Advanced Teacher Credential
Delaware Initial; Continuing; Advanced; Standard
Florida Professional; Official Statement of Status Eligibility (if the only outstanding requirements are employment in FL and fingerprinting)
Hawaii Provisional/Initial; Standard; Advanced Ten Year License
Idaho Standard
Illinois Initial; Standard; Master
Indiana Initial Practitioner; Proficient Practitioner; Accomplished Practitioner
Iowa Initial; Standard; Master Educator
Kansas Initial/Conditional; Professional; Accomplished
Kentucky Provisional; Professional; Restricted Base; Statement of Eligibility
Louisiana Professional (Level 1, 2, or 3); Standard (Type A, B, or C); Ancillary Service
Maine Provisional; Professional; Master Certificate
Maryland Professional Eligibility Certificate; Standard Professional I; Standard Professional II; Advanced Professional
Massachusetts Initial; Professional
Michigan Provisional; Professional
Minnesota Entrance; Continuing
Mississippi Standard; Non-Practicing Administrator
Missouri Initial Professional; Career Continuous Professional
Montana Class 2 Standard; Class 1 Professional
Nebraska Initial; Standard; Professional
Nevada Non-Renewable (under certain conditions); Renewable; Professional; Specialist; Doctoral
New Hampshire Beginning Educator Credential; Experienced Educator Credential
New Jersey Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS); Provisional with CEAS; Standard/Permanent
New Mexico Level 1 Provisional; Level 2 Standard; Level 3A
New York Provisional/Initial; Permanent/Professional; Conditional Initial
North Carolina Standard Professional 1(Initial); Standard Professional 2 (Continuing)
North Dakota Initial; Regular; 30-Year Life; Interim Reciprocal
Ohio Initial; Professional; Resident Educator
Oklahoma Teaching License (Initial); Standard Teaching Certificate
Oregon Initial I; Initial II; Continuing; Basic; Standard; 5-Year License
Pennsylvania Instructional Level I; Instructional Level II
Rhode Island Certificate of Eligibility for Employment; Professional Certificate; Initial; Professional; Advanced
South Carolina Initial; Professional
South Dakota 5-Year Certificate; 10-Year Certificate
Tennessee Apprentice; Professional; Out-of-State; Practitioner
Texas Standard; Provisional
Utah Professional (Level 1, 2, or 3)
Vermont Professional (Level 1 or 2)
Virginia Collegiate Professional; Postgraduate Professional; Pupil Personnel Services
Washington Residency Certificate; Professional Certificate; Standard/Continuing
West Virginia Initial Professional; Professional; Permanent Professional
Wisconsin Initial; Professional; Master
Wyoming Standard Teaching Certificate