Performance Evaluation

All certified educators employed by Georgia LUAs must receive annual performance evaluations. Beginning in academic year 2014-15, most classroom teachers in Georgia public school systems are evaluated on the Teacher Keys Effectiveness System (TKES). This system has four possible performance ratings:
  • Ineffective;
  • Needs Development;
  • Proficient;
  • Exemplary.
For certification purposes, Ineffective and Needs Development TKES evaluations are considered unsatisfactory. Educators who are not evaluated on TKES may be evaluated by a school, district, or agency-approved evaluation system. Unsatisfactory annual evaluations are automatically reported to the GaPSC.
Remediation of Unsatisfactory Evaluations
An educator who has received 2 unsatisfactory evaluations in 5 years is not eligible to renew his/her certificate until at least one of the unsatisfactory evaluations has been remediated.

The remediation process requires the following steps:
  1. The employing LUA establishes a remediation plan for the educator. This could be the LUA that issued the unsatisfactory evaluation or a subsequent employing LUA;
  2. The educator completes the steps outlined in the remediation plan;
  3. The LUA submits confirmation of remediation to the GaPSC.
An educator may also remediate an unsatisfactory evaluation simply by receiving a satisfactory performance evaluation in a subsequent year.