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Non-Traditional Preparation – GaTAPP

Georgia Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy

Designed for individuals who:

  • Wish to transition into teaching from another career path;
  • Did not complete a teacher education program; and
  • Have never held a professional teaching certificate

Approved to place qualified teachers in Georgia’s classrooms:

*All GaTAPP Candidates meet the requirements listed below:

  • Candidates have a major or its equivalent in the teaching field or a passing score on the GACE content assessment;
  • Candidates are employed by a regionally accredited local unit of administration (school district or private school) or an approved charter school, accepted into a GaPSC approved Educator Preparation Program with an intense induction component, and hold a Georgia Provisional certificate or Permit; and
  • Candidates have intense and on-going coaching and support throughout the program.

Timeframe for Completion:

  • At least one academic school year (two semesters that must include the beginning of a school year);
  • No more than three years from date of entry;
  • Most GaTAPP provider programs: 18 months to 2 years (See Provisional Candidate Requirements);
  • Elementary Education and Special Education Candidates will have additional instruction because there is no equivalent degree/major outside the school of education.

Framework for the Program:

  • Candidate Support Team trained in Coaching Standards and GaTAPP Assessments;
  • School-based Administrator;
  • School-based Mentor;
  • Provider Supervisor;
  • Content Specialist (May be dual role for existing member);
  • Individualized based on Candidate Performance Assessment Data;
  • Job-embedded Clinical Practice.

Georgia Professional Standards Commission Approved Providers:

  • Are reviewed and approved by the same process as all Educator Preparation Programs in Georgia;
  • Meet the Georgia Standards for the Approval of Professional Education Units and Educator Preparation Programs (Georgia Standards 2008) until Fall 2016 when the Georgia Standards 2014 become effective for all educator preparation providers;
  • Operate programs at the Provider level;
  • Provide the best source for the day-to-day operations for the GaTAPP program and, along with the school districts served, make decisions regarding Candidate status; therefore, contacting GaPSC to appeal local decisions, as long as standards are being met, is unproductive.
For specific entry and exit requirements, access the Provider in the area where you plan to teach.

GaTAPP Providers

* Please note that all applicants are not selected for program consideration. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission develops the standards for educator preparation programs and approves program providers. GaPSC does not select GaTAPP Candidates nor intervene in the operation of the programs as long as the program provider is meeting Georgia Standards for the Approval of Educator Preparation Providers and Educator Preparation Programs. Selection of GaTAPP Candidates is determined by program providers. If you are selected for GaTAPP consideration, a GaTAPP program provider representative will contact you with further instructions/details. Please be patient during the selection process. Teachers are often hired after school begins in the fall.

Best wishes on your GaTAPP journey!