Delete A Certificate Field

Georgia educators may hold a number of different certificate types in a variety of fields. Holding multiple fields enables the educator to be assigned in-field in a variety of subjects, thereby providing increased flexibility for both job opportunities and assignments. However, the holder of a valid Georgia certificate may request the voluntary deletion of any certificate based on the procedures outlined Rule 505-2-.35.

Annually, between October 1st and the last day of the following February, any certificate holder may apply for and be granted the voluntary deletion of any certificate field(s) which shall become effective on June 30th of the school year of application. The employing local unit of administration (LUA) will automatically receive an electronic copy of the new certificate(s). This time period allows certificate holders to voluntarily delete certificates and also provides a time period for schools to plan for the assignment of their certified staff for the upcoming school year.
Important Considerations Before Deleting a Certificate Field
  • Request for voluntary deletion of the broad field Science certificate may not be made for individual subjects (biology, chemistry, physics, earth and space science) incorporated into the base certificate. The request will result in the deletion of the entire broad field Science certificate;
  • Requests for voluntary deletion of any field that resulted in an upgrade as outlined in GaPSC Rule 505-2-.33 CERTIFICATE UPGRADE will also result in the loss of the level associated with the field. The new level assigned will be determined by the rule(s) in effect at the time the previous level was awarded as defined by GaPSC Rules 505-2-.02 CLASSIFICATION and 505-2-.33 CERTIFICATE UPGRADE;
  • Any certificate field voluntarily deleted under the provisions of this rule will be restored only under the following conditions:
    • The educator has satisfied the appropriate GACE content assessment(s) with a passing score at the professional level achieved after the date on which the voluntary deletion was approved. Any passing scores on content assessments in the field being restored taken prior to the date of deletion will not be accepted for restoration and re-verification of content knowledge; and
    • All other current Special Georgia Requirements have been completed at the time of application for restoring the field.
Application Documents Needed to Request Voluntary Deletion of a Certificate Field(s)