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How to Submit Application Materials

If you are employed by a Georgia local unit of administration (LUA), your Human Resources department may submit your application materials electronically. Some documents, such as Approved Program Completion Forms, may be submitted directly to the GaPSC by Georgia colleges or universities.

Applicants may submit materials directly to the GaPSC in the following ways.:

  • Applications may be completed online through your MyPSC account;
  • Supporting documentation may be scanned, uploaded, and submitted online through the Applications section of your MyPSC account;
  • Official transcripts may be emailed directly by the college/university to or mailed to the address below.
Georgia Professional Standards Commission
Certification Division
200 Piedmont Ave. SE
Suite 1702
Atlanta, GA 30334-9032
NOTE: Submitting multiple, duplicate application forms may significantly slow your case processing time. Submit only 1 application form per transaction(s).

Official Transcripts
Official college transcripts can not be submitted online. Official transcripts must be submitted in one of the following ways:
  • Emailed to by the college/university in a secure electronic format such as Parchment or E-Script;
  • Mailed to the address above. Mailed transcripts must be official and issued by the institution. They do not need to be in a sealed envelope; or
  • Submitted electronically by an employing Georgia LUA.
Transfer credit reflected on a transcript issued by another institution is acceptable only if the course names, credit hours, and grades are listed. Otherwise, you must submit a transcript from the institution at which the credit was earned.

If you have completed course work at a college/university outside of the 50 U.S. states or the District of Columbia, please click here for information about foreign credential reports.

Official PLU transcripts must be signed by the designated official with the PLU provider or the employing Georgia LUA. Unlike college transcripts, PLU transcripts may be submitted online.
Test Scores
GACE scores are transmitted electronically to the GaPSC and should not be submitted by the applicant. Any other required scores (such as SAT, ACT, GRE, Praxis, edTPA, OPI/WPT) must be submitted. Photocopies of official score reports are acceptable. However, scores printed from an online educator account that cannot be publicly verified will not be accepted. If you are submitting Praxis scores used for certification in another state, please do not have the scores submitted electronically to the GaPSC. Please order a hard copy of the score report, then submit a copy of that score report to the GaPSC.

If you are unable to obtain a copy of an official score report, the following verification methods are acceptable:
  • SAT, ACT, or GRE scores may be documented on an official college or high school transcript.
  • Out-of-state certification assessments may be documented by a signed letter, on official letterhead, from another state‚Äôs certification office. This letter must include the following information:
    • Name of assessment;
    • Date taken;
    • Numerical score OR statement that the assessment was passed; and
    • Statement that the assessments passed were required for educator certification in that state.
Experience Verification
Educator experience in a Georgia public school system is transmitted electronically to the GaPSC and need not be verified by the applicant. All other educator experience must be documented on the GaPSC Experience Verification Form (.pdf) (requires Adobe Reader). Please note, this form must be completed in its entirety, including indication of Satisfactory performance reviews. If the experience was earned in a public school system, the form must be signed by an authorized Human Resources official, not the school principal. If the experience was earned in a private or charter school, the form may be signed by the Director, Headmaster, or another administrator. If your employer will not verify satisfactory performance on this form, you must submit a copy of your annual performance review for each year of experience you submit.

Occupational experience required for Healthcare Science and Career and Technical Specializations fields of certification must be verified by an official letter from a current or former supervisor. The letter must include the following information:
  • Dates of employment;
  • Primary duties;
  • Hours worked per week; and
  • Title & contact information of the supervisor writing the letter.
Self-employment may be verified by copies of business or personal tax records that reflect self-employment work experience in the appropriate field.
Verification of Approved Program Completion
Georgia institutions must submit verification of approved program completion electronically to the GaPSC. If you have completed an approved program in Georgia, please request that the Certification Official at your college/university submit the verification.

If you have completed a state-approved certification program outside of the state of Georgia, the Certification Official from your college/university must complete the Approved Program Completion Form (.pdf) (requires Adobe Reader). They may return the form to you to be submitted with your application package, or submit it directly to the GaPSC via mail.