GaTAPP Candidate Induction Tier

  • Candidates are at the Induction Level for 3 years;
  • Upon completion of the GaTAPP program, the Candidate can move from Pathway 4 to Pathway 1 of the Induction Tier where the following must be completed to transition to Professional Certification:
    • Completion of a GaPSC-approved educator preparation program. Documentation of approved program completion should be submitted electronically to the GaPSC by the educator preparation provider;
    • Passing score on the GACE Program Admission Assessment, or exemption. GACE scores are transmitted electronically to the GaPSC, but an exemption must be documented by an official score report for an eligible exam;
    • For program completion, have a passing score on the GACE content assessment at the Professional level or meet exemption criteria outlined in GaPSC Rule 505-2-.24 SPECIAL GEORGIA REQUIREMENTS;
    • A passing score on the Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment. This score is also transmitted electronically to the GaPSC;
    • A passing score on edTPA, the GaPSC-approved content pedagogy assessment. A copy of the Candidate’s official score report must be included with the application package for the Professional certificate;
    • Completion of a course The Identification and Education of the Exceptional Child (check GaPSC Rule 505-2-.24 SPECIAL GEORGIA REQUIREMENTS). This course should be documented on an official transcript submitted with the application package.