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Program Admission Testing Requirement

Program Admission Assessment (formally Basic Skills Assessment)

The name of the Basic Skills assessment has been changed to "Program Admission" assessment. Passing scores on all three tests within the GACE Program Admission assessment [Reading (200), Mathematics (201), and Writing (202)] are required certification for entry into traditional preparation programs and for all general education GaTAPP candidates. The assessment, while not required for admission, must be passed as part of completion requirements for Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) candidates. The Program Admission tests may be exempted if sufficient scores are obtained on the SAT® (1000 Verbal/Critical Reading, and Math), ACT® (43 English and Math), or GRE® (1030 Verbal and Quantitative; after 8-1-11, 297 Verbal and Quantitative). Scores from different test titles may not be combined. For GACE information and registration visit the GACE website at .

Graduates of Georgia Teacher Preparation- Program Admission testing (or exemption) is required as a part of Georgia-approved preparation program entrance requirements.
For Some Non-Renewable Certificate Holders-In order to receive an Induction-Pathway 4 certificate you must pass (or exempt) the GACE Program Admission Assessment, as well as satisfy all other eligibility requirements for this certificate type.
Not Required
For Prior Certificate Holders- If you hold a current or expired Georgia Clear Renewable (professional) certification, you are not required to take a Program Admission assessment in Georgia.
For Holders of Certificates from Other States- If you hold a current or expired professional certificate from another state or are being recommended for certification from a preparation program approved in another state, you are not required to take a Program Admission assessment in Georgia.
GACE Tests in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics
Program Admission in reading is tested by GACE test code 200, writing is tested by GACE test code 201, and mathematics is covered by GACE test code 202. You should carefully check the GACE testing schedule to see whether the GACE Program Admission assessment is offered in the afternoon session or morning session for your testing date. Click here to view the GACE Assessments Offered and available Testing Dates.
Options to Satisfy the Program Admission Assessment Requirement
Currently there are several ways to meet the Georgia Program Admission assessment requirement:
  • Having the required minimum SAT®, ACT®, or GRE® score. Actual scores, not exemption codes, are required.
    • SAT®
      • For SAT® Score Reports dated prior to 7/1/19
        • 1000 on Verbal/Critical Reading, and Math (Note that this is the previous SAT title used prior
          to March 2016.), OR
        • 1000 on Evidence based Reading/Writing and Math (Note that this is current SAT title as of March 2016.)
        • For recentering SAT® scores prior to April, 1995, click here.
      • For Score Reports dated on or after 7/1/19
        • 1080 on Evidence based Reading/Writing AND Math
      • Only scores from the official SAT® (English version) can be considered.
      • To obtain your SAT® scores by mail: Download the request form (_.pdf) (requires Adobe Reader) and mail to: SAT Program, P.O. Box 8057, Mt. Vernon, IL 62864. By phone: For an additional fee of $10, you can call 866-756-7346 to order archived reports.
    • ACT® - 43 on English and Math
      • For recentering ACT® scores prior to October 28, 1989, click here (_.pdf) (requires Adobe Reader).
      • If you took the ACT® before September, 2006, request your scores in one of three ways for $17 - By phone: Call the ACT® help desk between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm CT. For an extra $12, they can prioritize your search and get the scores to you faster. Online: Request your scores online if you know your test date. By mail: Write a letter with the following info: name, Social Security number, date of birth, test date, where you want scores sent, current address, phone number, check or money order for total cost payable to ACT Records. The request should be mailed to: ACT Records, PO Box 451, Iowa City, IA. 52243-0451.
    • GRE® -The GRE® was revised in August, 2011, and the scoring format has changed. Following are the required converted scores to exempt the GACE Program Admission Requirement:
      • If tested with the old GRE® format (before August 1, 2011), candidates need a GRE® composite score of 1030 on Verbal and Quantitative to exempt GACE Program Admission.
      • If tested with the new GRE® format (on or after August 1, 2011), candidates need a GRE® composite score of 297 on Verbal and Quantitative to exempt GACE Program Admission.
      • For more information on GRE® click here .
      • You can view your scores online free of charge. You will need to create or have a My GRE Account to use this service.
  • Tests from two test administrations can be combined to meet the exemption requirement (Ex: Verbal from one SAT test administration combined with Math from another SAT test administration. Different tests cannot be combined to meet the exemption. (Ex: A score from a GRE test cannot be combined with a score from a SAT test.)
  • Having passed all three parts of the Praxis I or posted a composite score of 526 on the three tests when all three tests are taken by March 5, 2007. If you need historical information regarding the formerly used Praxis I, please click here.
  • Passing the three parts of the GACE Program Admission assessment.
  • Candidates enrolled in an educator preparation program prior to July 1, 2015, and who hold a master’s degree or above from a GaPSC-accepted accredited institution prior to admission may exempt the Program Admission Assessment. GaPSC-accepted accredited institutions are those that are accredited by accrediting organizations recognized by either the U.S. Department of Education at or The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) at Please note that the master’s degree must be held prior to admission into the program.
Some other states' basic skills or program admission tests have been "approved" to meet the requirement, if the candidate provides a copy of the test score report. The GaPSC reserves the right not to accept scores from other states. These states and tests are:
  • CBEST - Passing scores indicated on score report; used in California and Oregon;
  • CLAST - Passing scores indicated on the score report; Florida used it;
  • AECAP - Used in Alabama (See chart below)
  • FTCE - General Knowledge - (Florida). Passing score indicated on score report. (Subtests must all be passed in one assessment. Candidates cannot combine parts of CLAST and FTCE to achieve a pass);
  • LAST - Used in New York - passing score is 220;
  • MTTC - Used in Michigan; MTTC has subtests in Reading, Math, and Writing. Must pass (score of 220) on each section;
  • WEST-B - Used in the State of Washington – WEST-B has subtests in Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. Must pass each section with a passing score of 240.
  • ICTS or ILTS - Used in Illinois - Has Reading, Language Arts, Math, and Writing subareas with scoring done as one test with 4 subareas; Must have a 240 score to pass and must score at or above each of the minimum allowable test subarea scores;

The Alabama Educator Certification Assessment Program (AECAP), formerly referenced as AECTP and/or APTTP, is the statewide testing program required by the Alabama State Board of Education. Below is information on the three basic skills assessments from the ACT WorkKeys Systems (Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Writing ):

Chart of Discontinued Tests/Scores and Acceptance Dates of Expiration
New Test Code & Test Name Required Score for New Test New Test & Test Score Effective Date Test To Be Discontinued, Code & Name Required Score for Discontinued Test Final Test Administration Date by Which Discontinued Test & Score Accepted Expiration Date for Acceptance of Discontinued Test & Score
AECAP/AECTP - Reading for Information Level 5 9/1/2012 APTTP Reading for Information – Effective date 9/1/2003 Level 4 8/31/2012 8/31/2017
AECAP/AECTP - Applied Mathematics Level 4 9/1/2012 APTTP Applied Mathematics – Effective date 9/1/2003 Level 4 8/31/2012 8/31/2017
AECAP/AECTP - Writing Level 3 9/1/2012 APTTP Writing - Effective date 9/1/2003 Level 4 8/31/2012 8/31/2017
Alabama no longer accepts the following assessments to meet the basic skills requirements effective for all applications received on or after January 1, 2012:
  1. Praxis I: PPST;
  2. Alabama Basic Skills Test (ABST), in effect from 1992-2002; and
  3. Alabama Initial Certification Testing Program (AITCT), in effect from 1981-1988.
Preparing for the GACE Program Admission assessment
Study materials such as Study Companions, practice tests, tutorials, and test familiarization videos are available in the Test Preparation Resources section of the GACE website.