GACE - The Transition to ETS from ES

GACE Newsletters and Updates

ETS will be the supplier for the GACE assessments (with the exceptions of the Educational Leadership assessment and Professional Pedagogy assessment) beginning October 5, 2013. The Educational Leadership assessment, as well as the three certification upgrade assessments (Curriculum and Instruction, Teacher Leadership, and Instructional Technology) will begin to be offered by ETS in spring 2014.

We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition between the two testing suppliers. However, because scores from tests offered by different test suppliers are not comparable, examinees must pass all parts of an assessment with the same testing supplier for that assessment to count toward certification. Passing scores on tests within an assessment cannot be split between the two suppliers. For example, an examinee cannot pass Mathematics Test 1 with ES and Mathematics Test 2 with ETS to get credit for completing the Mathematics assessment.

The August, 2013, GACE administration was the final opportunity to pass a GACE assessment with the former supplier, ES, to count for certification. (Exceptions are the Educational Leadership assessment and the Professional Pedagogy assessment that will remain with ES until spring 2014). If an examinee does not have passing scores on all tests within an assessment by the last administration of the GACE program with ES (August, 2013), the examinee must take all tests within an assessment with the new supplier, ETS, even if a portion of the assessment was previously passed.