This tier is intended for educator candidates completing field experiences or student teaching in Georgia schools. It must be requested on behalf of the candidate by the college, university, or other institution providing the educator preparation program. It may be requested by an educator preparation provider outside the state of Georgia if the candidate will be completing any field experiences or student teaching in Georgia schools. For example, a candidate who lives in Georgia and is completing an online Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree leading to certification would need the online institution to request a Pre-Service certificate from the GaPSC so that he/she could complete the student teaching portion of the program in a school in Georgia.

This certificate is for individuals who will be participating in field experiences or student teaching in Georgia schools on or after July 1, 2015.


  • Be admitted to an educator preparation program that leads to Induction certification in a teaching field;
  • Have a successful criminal record check (conducted by the GaPSC);
  • Complete the GACE Educator Ethics Assessment (Test Code 360). Please note: completion of this assessment is not required for candidates who enrolled in educator preparation programs prior to July 1, 2014.


The Pre-Service certificate is valid for as many as 5 years, and may be extended at the request of the educator preparation provider. It is invalidated upon program completion, or if the candidate withdraws, transfers, or is removed from the program. A former candidate who re-enrolls in an educator preparation program may be issued a new 5-year Pre-Service certificate at the request of the provider. A current background check is required in this case.

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  • The Pre-Service certificate is not a professional educator certificate. It allows the holder to participate in supervised field experience, clinical practice, student teaching, or residency work in Georgia schools;
  • Holding a Pre-Service certificate does not automatically lead to Induction educator certification. Requirements for the Induction certificate may be found here;
  • Holding a Pre-Service certificate is not a pre-requisite to qualify for any other Georgia certificate. If you have already completed the student teaching portion of an educator preparation program, or if you will complete it outside of the state of Georgia, you need not apply for a Pre-Service certificate.