5-Year Induction Certificate

Individuals who complete a GaPSC-approved educator preparation program in the state of Georgia, or individuals who complete a state-approved out-of-state program and fulfill field and clinical experiences in Georgia, must satisfy the following requirements: Individuals who complete a state-approved out-of-state educator preparation program and fulfill field and clinical experiences out-of-state or hold a Professional out-of-state certificate with less than three (3) years of successful experience must satisfy the following requirements:
  • Completion of a state-approved educator preparation program or possession of a professional out-of-state educator certificate (valid or expired) requiring the completion of pedagogy and clinical practice. If you are certified out-of-state, please include a copy of your out-of-state certificate with the application package. If not, please submit an Approved Program Completion Form completed by your college or university;
  • A passing score on the appropriate GACE content assessment or exemption. If you hold a professional out-of-state certificate and you are exempting the GACE assessment with an out-of-state certification exam, please submit a copy of your official score report with your application package;
  • A passing score on the Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment (Test Code 360);
  • Completion of a course in identifying and educating exceptional children is not required for initial issuance of an Induction certificate, but it is required for conversion to a Professional certificate or reissuance of the Induction certificate.
Conversion of the 5-Year Induction certificate to a professional certificate:
  • Three (3) years of successful educator experience. An individual may convert prior to the end validity of the 5-Year Induction certificate.
The 5-Year Induction certificate is non-renewable with the following exceptions:
  • Individuals who previously held a 5-Year Induction, or Induction Pathway 1, 2, or 3 certificate and earned less than three (3) years of successful educator experience may apply for another 5-Year Induction certificate, subject to current requirements.

Three (3)-Year Induction

An employing Georgia local unit of administration may request a 3-Year Induction certificate for individuals holding a 5-Year Induction certificate who are assigned out-of-field. For Service fields, an individual must satisfy the requirements outlined in the Provisional section outlined here and in the individual Service field rule.

Conversion of the 3-Year Induction certificate to 5-Year Induction certificate:
  • Specific requirements that must be completed to convert the 3-Year Induction certificate will be printed on the certificate and outlined in correspondence viewable through your MyPSC account.

How to Apply

Once you meet the qualifications for the Induction certificate, please submit documentation of the specific requirements indicated above. Instructions on how to apply may be found here.