Certificate Upgrade Advisor

Do you currently hold a certificate that can be upgraded?
Only a Clear Renewable Teaching, Service, Leadership or Trade and Industrial certificate at a level 4 (or higher) can be upgraded by earning an advanced degree. If you hold a Non-Renewable, International Exchange, GaTAPP, Paraprofessional, Instructional Aid, Permit, Support Personnel License or Adjunct License, you do not qualify for a certificate upgrade and the Advisor will not be able to assist you. Some degrees will not lead to a certificate upgrade! To see what degree programs qualify you for an upgrade go to the new Educator Certificate Upgrades Rule 505-2-.41. You may upgrade your certificate level by completing a degree program that matches one of your existing fields of certification, or by completing a degree program that prepares you for certification in a new field. If you choose to complete a new field upgrade please know you will be required to pass the appropriate GACE assessment(s). If you need advice on an institution inside or outside of Georgia that is not listed, please email certupgrade@GAPSC.com. Your email should include your PSC account number, the name of the institution, the name of the degree program, and a website address of a page that best describes the degree program.

What are Georgia certificate Levels?

GaPSC designates a numerical certificate level for selected degrees; the certificate level is one of several factors that determine an educator’s placement on the GaDOE state salary schedule. Select the following link for Georgia's degree equivalency list http://www.gapsc.com/ProspectiveEducator/StepsToTeach/cert_lvls_degrees.aspx
Login now! Use your MyPSC login credentials to access your advance degree options which could lead to a certificate upgrade. The advisor will determine your eligibility for an upgrade and help you find acceptable in-field and new field degrees. You will be able to identify degree(s) of interest and save your results to your certification file as a record of GaPSC’s verification of eligibility. GAPSC will honor all upgrade advisor approvals up to one year. If you are unable to enroll in the program within 1 year, simply login to the Upgrade Advisor and check and save the updated approval.
Just browsing? Select the Quick View option for general certificate upgrade information. Since this option cannot access your current certification record, Quick View cannot determine your eligibility for an upgrade or give specific advice tailored to your certification. You will not be able to save Quick View search results.