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Current Georgia Educators

Are you a certified Georgia Educator? You can find answers to your questions here.

Understanding your Georgia Certificate

Now that I have a certificate, what do I need to know about it? What does it allow me to teach ? When does it expire?
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Upgrading Your Certificate Level

Earning a higher degree? Do you currently hold a certificate that can be upgraded? What are Georgia certificate Levels? Are you considering a degree program in the field of Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Technology, or Teacher Leadership?
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Leadership Certification

What programs are approved for Georgia Leadership? What if I am Already Enrolled in a Georgia Leadership Program? What is the procedure for processing applications for Georgia educators completing a state-approved leadership program? Is employment in a leadership position required for payment on an advanced leadership degree? MORE ...

Highly Qualified Educators (NCLB)

What does Highly Qualified mean? How does NCLB affect me?

Professional Ethics/Background Checks

As a Georgia Educator you will be held to high standards of professional and ethical conduct. Upon employment, there will be an FBI background check, and a state background check when you renew your certificate, Find out MORE ...

Educator Ethics Knowledge Quiz

Jobs and Job Fairs

I’m certified and ready to work. How do I find out about job vacancies and how do I apply for a job?

What course can I teach?

What does the state curriculum look like in my certificate field?

Become a Georgia Master Teacher

Every year, Georgia recognizes its best teachers. These professionals receive a Master Teacher designation on their certificates, identifying them as educators who have positively influenced student achievement in the classroom.


Manage Your Certificate
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