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Become a Georgia Educator

Whether you are a high school student thinking about your future or a career switcher ready for a new profession, teaching has many rewards and much to offer. But there are a lot of things to think about first.

Understanding Educator Certification in Georgia

Georgia public school educators must hold state certification. However, there are several different categories, titles, and types, each with different sets of standards and requirements. The terminology can be tricky and sometimes confusing. A quick overview of the “system” will keep you on track.

Routes to Becoming a Teacher

I’m ready to start, but which route do I take? What do I have to do? What are my options?

Am I eligible for a Georgia certificate?

I have a bachelors degree and I would like to become a Georgia educator; am I eligible for a certificate? Will I need to take any tests? Will I need to take classes or complete a program? After I am certified, what classes will I be able to teach?

Troops to Teachers

Are you a part of the United States military? Candidates for Troops to Teachers must complete all Georgia teacher certification requirements. Through the Troops to Teachers program, eligible military veterans may receive a stipend to help pay for a Georgia teaching certificate.

Financial Assistance for Prospective Educators

College degrees, coursework, teacher assessments, and supervised practicums are all costly expenses; but there are a number of scholarships and loan forgiveness programs available to help.

Professional Ethics/Background Checks

As a Georgia educator you will be held to high standards of professional and ethical conduct. An FBI background check will be completed upon employment and a state background check will be required when you renew your certificate. Find out more.

Jobs and Job Fairs

I’m certified and ready to work; how do I find a job and where do I apply?

Is Teaching Right For Me?
What do teachers really do?
What do I need to know to make the right decisions?
What grade-level and subject area is right for me?
Do I need a bachelor's degree?

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Routes to Teaching

I am ready to teach, but which route do I take? What do I have to do? What are my options?