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There are several routes you may take to obtain a Georgia teaching certificate in the field of English.


If you hold a Georgia level 4 or higher renewable professional teaching certificate:

You may add the field of English to your existing certificate by passing the GACE assessment in English.


If you hold a Georgia level 4 or higher Induction teaching certificate:

Your employing Georgia school or school system may request a Supplemental Induction English certificate for you if you have passed the GACE assessment in English.


If you have never been professionally certified in GA but hold a professional teaching certificate in another state in English or a comparable field:

You may apply for initial Georgia certification through interstate reciprocity. If you have not passed an acceptable content assessment in this field, you may be required to pass the appropriate GACE assessment. Please submit your application materials in order to determine which additional requirements, if any, you will be required to fulfill to obtain Georgia certification in this field.


If you do not hold a professional teaching certificate in any state:

You must complete a state-approved educator preparation program, including a student teaching internship, in English and pass the GACE assessment in English. You may choose to complete a program in Georgia or another state. For a list of Georgia approved programs in this field, please click the “What approved programs are available?” tab above. For more information about initial certification programs, please click here.


You may be able to qualify for an Induction Pathway 4 certificate before you have completed an approved program. This certificate is considered non-professional and is only valid for 3 years. Because this certificate can only be issued at the request of an employing Georgia school or school system, you must be hired to teach in this field in order to qualify for an Induction Pathway 4 certificate. In addition, you must meet the following requirements:


·        Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from a GaPSC-accepted accredited institution. If your highest degree is a bachelor’s degree and it was earned less than 10 years prior to the date of application, you must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5. If you do not, you may still qualify by submitting proof of acceptance into a GaPSC-accepted educator preparation program or an accredited advanced degree program.

·        Pass or exempt the GACE Program Admission Assessment.

·        Pass the appropriate GACE content assessment at the Induction level or higher.

·        As of January 1, 2015, pass the Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment.



To read the GaPSC Certification Rule pertaining to English certification, please click here.