Annotated Bibliography

Coaching Feedback

Barkley, S. (2010). Quality teaching in a culture of coaching. MD, Performance Learning Systems.
As an educator, Barkley knows the power of coaching. Explore his book as he presents the value of coaching, the coaching process, and applications of coaching. You will find helpful coaching tools in the appendix. This read is appropriate for both teachers and administrators.
Crane, T. (2010). The heart of coaching: Using transformational coaching to create a high-performance coaching culture. CA, FTA Press.
presents the premise of his book, “As coaching becomes a predominant cultural practice, it will create a performance-focused, feedback-rich organization capable of creating and sustaining a competitive advantage”. Through a coaching heart, explore the transformational coaching process, the role of a transformational coach, and the creation of a high-performance coaching culture. This book is excellent for all teacher leaders; especially those who serve as coaches.
Killion, J., Harrison, C., Bryan, C., & Clifton, H. (2012). Coaching matters. OH, Learning Forward.
Killion, Harrison, Bryan, and Clifton draw upon their vast experiences in coaching and put aside the magic and mystery to reveal how coaching can make a difference for educators. Each chapter describes an element of what research and the authors' firsthand experiences know it takes to make coaching effective. The book covers: characteristics that distinguish effective coaching programs; attributes that affect teaching practices, student achievement, and school culture; practices that lead to results for teachers and students; responsibilities of coaches; strategies for individual coaches, principals, and school systems to build a stronger coaching program; and more. Every chapter is accompanied by tools, including extended readings, resources to use with teachers, strategies for accomplishing the work, and real-life examples to build on.
Knight, J. (2007). Instructional coaching. CA, Corwin Press.
Knight presents coaching as an innovative professional development strategy that facilitates change, improves instruction, and transforms school culture! Knight describes the "nuts and bolts" of instructional coaching and explains the essential skills that instructional coaches need, including getting teachers on board, providing model lessons, and engaging in reflective conversations. Each user-friendly chapter includes: first-person stories from successful coaches, sidebars highlighting important information, a "Going Deeper" section of suggested resources, and ready-to-use forms, worksheets, checklists, logs, and reports. Experienced coaching will refer you to this book and the helpful resources!
Teaching Channel. “Effective coaching systems”.
-- Video clip retrieved from
The production objective of this video is to provide you with insight into how to use coaching systems to improve practice. The clip is approximately seven minutes and explores the relationship between a principal and coach along with a collegial team and their coach. You will also learn how coaching systems at a school help address the instructional needs of teachers. This clip is helpful for all educators as they consider how coaching can enhance their school culture.