Professional Learning Communities: Working on the Work

The Professional Learning Community (PLC) highlighted in this video is from Northwestern Middle School, which is located in Milton, Georgia. The following social studies teachers meet at least once a week for their PLC:
  • Bruce Fielden
  • Mike Brennan
  • Thomas Swope
  • Deana Skimel
  • Kelley Hummel
Video link: Professional Learning Communities: Working on the Work - Northwestern Middle School (5:40) (mov, 239 MB)
Alternative video link: Click here for MP4 (191.5 MB)

Below are guiding questions for discussion and reflection

We have all heard the term PLCs but do we really know how to make them more effective to meet the needs of our students? Watch the teachers at Northwestern Middle School implement their job-embedded PLC.
  1. What structures and procedures did the Northwestern Middle School PLC have in place?

  2. How were the teachers using their expertise to address all of their students’ needs?

  3. What impressed you the most about the workings of this PLC?

  4. What did you learn from this PLC that you can implement in your own PLCs to create a more job-embedded and collaborated focus to increase student achievement?