Focusing on Student Data

The following eighth grade science teachers featured in this video are from Northwestern Middle School of Fulton County in Milton, Georgia:
  • Kristen Brening
  • Natalie Rankart
  • Julie Cohen
  • Katarzyna Trainum
  • Scott Diesch
Video link: Professional Learning - Focusing on Student Data, Northwestern MS (4:51) (mov, 239 MB)
Alternative video link: Click here for MP4 (74.5 MB)

Guiding questions for discussion and reflection on the video

According to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the professional learning community model flows from the assumption that the core mission of formal education is not simply to ensure that students are taught but to ensure that they learn. This simple shift - from a focus on teaching to a focus on learning - has profound implications for schools. Watch this professional learning community from Northwestern Middle School in Milton, GA as they focus on student data.
  1. How did teachers develop a level of trust in order to share their assessment data with their peers?

  2. What are the benefits of sharing assessment data with your peers?

  3. What impact does your Professional Learning Community have on your work as a teacher?