Connecting Professional Learning: The Evaluation Conference

Featured in this video are the following educators from the Gwinnett County Public School district:
  • Wanda Law, Principal
    North Gwinnett Middle School
    2014 Georgia Middle School Principal of the Year
  • LaToya Brumfield
    North Gwinnett Middle School
    North Gwinnett Middle 2014 Teacher of the Year
Video link: Connecting Professional Learning: The Evaluation Conference (8:24) (mov, 186 MB)
Alternative video link: Click here for MP4 (96.9 MB)

An integral part of needs based, job-embedded, collaboratively developed professional learning is the conversations between and among professionals in the building. The administrative team will play a vital part in ensuring the success of professional learning for all teachers. Listen in as an administrator conducts the evaluation conference with one of her teachers.

Guiding Questions for the video

  1. How does the administrator “set the stage” for this evaluation conference?

  2. How did the teacher arrive at her learning goals?

  3. How does the administrator guide the teacher in sharing her involvement in her school/learning community?

  4. What pre-work do you think both the administrator and the teacher completed in order for this conference to be successful?

  5. How does the administrator provide closure to the conference?