Implementing Professional Learning Plan

Careful and thorough planning contributes to the success of professional learning. As with any new initia¬tive, launching professional learning requires constant nurturing and support for it to be implemented at a high level. When the professional learning plan moves from a planning process into an action process, everyone has responsibility for its success. Professional learning leaders, including state and regional edu¬cation agency staff, district administrators, principals, teacher leaders, and teachers assume responsibility for monitoring and making adjustments to professional learning so that it has an impact on practice and student outcomes. Professional learning participants actively design, shape, apply, analyze, and reflect on their learning. They give constructive feedback to one other and facilitators about the learning designs they are using and about their learning progress. Facilitators of professional learning seek feedback on their ef¬forts, examine data collaboratively with colleagues to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of professional learning, and adjust their facilitation to support adult learners’ success. Supervisors engage with learners to set high expectations, solve challenges of implementation, provide adequate implementation support and feedback, and assess progress of the learning and its implementation. The primary focus is on sustaining support over a substantial period of time to ensure deep implementation and refined level of use.