Becoming a GaTAPP Ambassador

The GaTAPP Ambassador program recognizes and highlights outstanding teachers who have entered the teaching profession through Non-Traditional Educator Preparation. These teachers are nominated each year to become GaTAPP Ambassadors by their local GaTAPP program provider.

Selection criteria for this honor are based upon positive impact on student achievement and outstanding performance in the classroom. GaTAPP providers select candidates they predict will have great impact on P-12 education throughout their careers.
  • Are successfully completing or have completed a GaTAPP program;
  • Are employed in the field of Education;
  • Have received a high disposition rating for teaching and learning;
  • Demonstrate evidence of positive impact on student achievement and progress;
  • Have interests and skills in public speaking (Have a story to tell and people listen);
  • Have gained recognition in their schools;
  • Serve as leaders in their schools;
  • Have the recommendation of school-based or system-level administrators.
A conference is held each year for these TAPP Ambassadors! This conference focuses on the enhancement of teaching and learning. Candidates gain expertise in:
  • Classroom Management;
  • Cooperative and Collaborative Learning;
  • Technology in the Classroom;
  • Student Engagement;
  • Evidence Based Best Practices;
  • Differentiation;
  • Teacher Leadership.