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Reinstate an Expired Certificate

To reinstate an expired Georgia certificate you must satisfy both standard renewal requirements and any Special Georgia Requirements you may be lacking.

Standard Renewal Requirements may be satisfied by completing one or an acceptable combination of the following:
  • Earn 6 semester hours of college course work from a regionally accredited institution, OR
  • Complete 10 Georgia Professional learning Units (PLUs), OR
  • Complete 10 Continuing Education Units through an IACET approved provider, OR
  • Verify a minimum of one year of acceptable out-of-state school experience earned within five years of the date proceeding the application for reinstatement while holding a professional certificate in the state
For certification purposes, you must earn a grade of "C" or better on college level coursework and all courses must be posted on an official transcript.

In addition to the standard renewal requirements outlined above, you must also complete Special Georgia Requirements not previously satisfied. Special Georgia requirements include the following:
  • Post a passing score on the appropriate GACE Content Knowledge Assessment. For GACE information and registration call (800) 523-7064 or access the website at
  • Complete the PSC-approved course in the Identification and Education of Children who have Special Educational Needs.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory proficiency on a PSC-approved Computer Skill Competency Assessment or course equivalent.
At the request of a Georgia employing school system, you may obtain a Non-renewable certificate valid for one year while completing any additional requirements.

Once you have met all of the reinstatement requirements, you will need to submit an application packet along with all supporting documentation to the PSC.
  • If you are employed in a Georgia school system at the time, submit your packet to your employing system personnel office.
  • If you are not employed in a Georgia school system, mail the complete packet to:
    Georgia Professional Standards Commission
    ATTN: Certification
    200 Piedmont Avenue SE
    Suite 1702, West Tower
    Atlanta, GA 30334-9032