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Convert To A Clear Renewable


By definition, Non-Renewable Certificates can not be "renewed". They are time-limited to allow you to be in a classroom while you finish some final, specific requirements. Upon completion, you "convert" from a Non-Renewable to a Clear Renewable Certificate.

What are the requirements? WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?

Your individual certification requirements that must be completed during the certificate validity period are listed on your Non-renewable certificate, outlined in the correspondence that accompanied the certificate, and identified on your Electronic Certification Status file available on this website.

Your requirements may include one or more of the following:

  1. Content Knowledge Assessment(s)
  2. Recency of Study/Experience
  3. Special Education - Exceptional Child Course
  4. Completion of a state-approved program
  5. Pedagogy

NOTE: Depending on your specific situation, to satisfy Pedagogy requirement you may: Complete the student teaching component of a state-approved program in the field of certification and be recommended by the approved provider, OR pass the professional pedagogy assessment then complete the one-year supervised practicum and be recommended to the PSC for the Clear Renewable Certificate.

Once you have met all of the outlined requirements, you will need to submit an application packet.


Now that you have completed ALL of your requirements, the following documents must be in your application packet:

  1. The Application Form for certification
  2. A processing fee payable by money order, cashier's check or online credit card payment (may be paid at MyPSC)

In addition, depending on your specific situation, the following documents may also be part of your application packet:

  1. Transcripts of all college/university or Professional Learning Units (PLUs)
  2. Approved-Program Recommendation Form
  3. Test scores
  4. Experience Verification Form


If you are employed in a Georgia school system at the time you convert, submit your packet to your employing system personnel office.
If you are not employed in a Georgia school system, mail the complete packet to:

Georgia Professional Standards Commission
ATTN: Certification
200 Piedmont Avenue SE
Suite 1702, West Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334


When the application packet is received by the GaPSC it will be scanned into your certification file and assigned to a staff member for processing. You will be able to monitor the receipt date, processing status, and issuance/mailing date by checking your Electronic Certification Status file available on this website.