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Teacher Surveys

All of these documents are in the Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) (requires Adobe Reader).

Listed below are reports on the Readiness of First-Year Teachers in Georgia Public Schools in the years referenced. These reports present a comprehensive summary of the survey findings on how beginning teachers and their principals rate the beginning teachers’ level of preparedness on specific knowledge, skills, and abilities required to discharge their administrative, instructional, organizational and professional responsibilities. Findings from this research studies may offer policy implications for not only teacher education programs, but also induction programs.

Report Title Format
» 2002 Beginning Teacher SurveyPDF file
» 1999 Beginning Teacher SurveyPDF file
» 1998 Beginning Teacher SurveyPDF file

The reports in this section portray the views of current and former teachers. The Georgia Teacher Survey summarizes teachers’ responses about their views on a number of issues pertaining to their workplace conditions. The survey also elicited information from teachers about their perceptions of the NCLB act and the factors that would make them leave the teaching profession. The Former Teacher survey, on the other hand, elicited information regarding the actual reasons teachers left the teaching profession.

Report Title Format
» 1999 Former Teacher SurveyPDF file
» 2007 Georgia Teacher SurveyPDF file