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Educator Workforce Reports

All of these documents are in the Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) (requires Adobe Reader).

Listed below are reports of the Supply, Demand and Utilization of Teachers, and Administrative and Student Services Personnel in Georgia Public Schools in the years referenced. These reports provide an evaluation, trends and projections of the supply and demand of Georgia’s educator workforce, highlighting implications for and impact of policies.

Report Title Format
» 2015 Status ReportPDF file
» 2009 Status ReportPDF file
» 2007 Status ReportPDF file
» 2006 Status ReportPDF file
» 2005 Status ReportPDF file
» 2004 Status ReportPDF file
» 2003 Status ReportPDF file
» 2002 Status ReportPDF file
» 2001 Status ReportPDF file

The following reports examine the cost of hiring or replacing teachers necessitated by loss to retirement, turnover (attrition and mobility) or expansion due to student growth or reduced class size.

Report Title Format
» The Impact of Teacher Workforce RetirementPDF file
» The Impact of One State's Class Size Reduction Legislation on Teacher StaffingPDF file
» Teacher Workforce Retirement and Turnover CostPDF file