Leadership Certificate Processing -- Clarification and Guidelines

Clarification and Guidelines

Recent changes in the on-going transition to Georgia Performance-Based Leadership Certification have raised several questions. This memorandum provides background, clarification and guidelines for completers of the “old” Georgia Leadership approved programs as well as educators completing out-of-state leadership programs.

GaPSC Rule 505-3-.58 (.pdf) (requires Adobe Reader) Educational Leadership Program, dated April 15, 2007, established new standards for a Georgia Performance-Based Leadership Program to replace the “old” Leadership Programs. The rule provided a transition period allowing those enrolled in the old programs to complete their programs of study no later than the end of the summer semester 2009. As of that date, those pre-existing Georgia programs were “sunset” – that is, they no longer exist. Any candidate who failed to complete Georgia program requirements by the end of the sunset semester will be unable to do so now because the program ceased to exist as a GaPSC approved program.

To support the leadership transition phase, GaPSC Rule 505-2-.300 (.pdf) (requires Adobe Reader)Educational Leadership, dated April 15, 2008, required that “Educators admitted into the “old” Georgia Leadership programs must complete all program requirements and have a completed certificate application packet, including the college recommendation form, submitted to the GaPSC not later than September 30, 2009.”

During the implementation of that September 30, 2009 cut-off date, questions surfaced between the “program requirements” and several Special Georgia Requirements required for the Leadership certificate. While these Special Georgia Requirements are normally to be part of the approved program requirements, that is apparently not the case in all of the Leadership programs. In particular, the areas of concern include the “Special Education Course”, and “Computer Skill Competency Course”, and the “Content Assessment” that is a Special Georgia Requirement that is excluded from the program requirements.

To resolve these questions, the following guidelines are provided:

  1. GaPSC is not extending the leadership program completion deadline. To be grandfathered under the previous rules, all programs, both Georgia approved programs and out-of-state approved programs, must have been completed by September 30, 2009 and that completion date must be reflected on the Approved Program Recommendation Form (available on the GaPSC website).
  2. However, for purposes of this transition phase, the following Special Georgia Requirements, are being separated from the college/university “program requirements”: (1) the “Special Education Course”; (2) the “Computer Skill Competency Course”; and (3) the Leadership “Content Assessment”. Individuals who completed all other program requirements prior to September 30, 2009 may be recommended by the program provider as having completed the program.
  3. The procedure for processing applications for Georgia educators completing a state-approved leadership program (in Georgia or out-of-state) by 9/30/09 is:
    1. For educators who completed the state-approved program and all of the Special Georgia Requirements, upon receipt of a complete application packet the GaPSC will issue a Clear Renewable “L” Certificate in the field of Educational Leadership.
    2. For Georgia employed educators who completed a state-approved program but are missing one or more of the Special Georgia Requirements, the employing system may request a one-year Non-Renewable certificate (NL704). The validity date will begin with the date of employment indicated on the Employer Assurance form and all Special Georgia Requirements must be completed during that time frame.
    3. For educators not currently employed in Georgia who completed a state-approved program but are missing one or more of the Special Georgia Requirements, the GaPSC will issue a letter of eligibility that outlines the missing requirements.

Georgia continues to support the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement (Reciprocity) by honoring out-of-state, certified educators seeking employment in Georgia schools. The September 30, 2009 leadership program completion requirement does not apply to out-of-state certified educators applying for their initial Georgia certificates. Additional information on reciprocity for Leadership Certificates is found in GaPSC Rule 505-2-.15 (.pdf) (requires Adobe Reader)Certification By Interstate Reciprocity.

Application processing procedures for educators holding out-of-state leadership certificates seeking initial Georgia certification through reciprocity include:

  1. Leadership applicants under reciprocity holding out-of-state leadership certificates that apply for initial Georgia certification and meet all Special Georgia Requirements will be issued a Clear Renewable “L” Leadership certificate at the appropriate degree level (L-5, 6 or 7).
  2. Leadership applicants under reciprocity who do not satisfy all Special Georgia Requirements will, at the request of the employing school system, be issued a one-year non-renewable leadership certificate (NL 704) during which time the Special Georgia Requirements must be met.
  3. Leadership applicants under reciprocity who have not satisfied all Special Georgia Requirements and are not employed but hold an out-of-state certificate will be issued a letter of eligibility that outlines the missing requirements.

For additional information or questions concerning the sunset policies of the “old” GaPSC approved programs please contact Dr. David Hill, Director of Educator Preparation, by email at david.hill@gapsc.com . For additional information or questions concerning the certificate processing procedures, please contact Jane Huntley, Director of Certification, by email at jane.huntley@gapsc.com.