Master Teachers 2008 Announcement

Congratulations to All New 2008 Master Teachers!

Congratulations to all new 2008 Master Teachers! Every teacher who applied to become a Master Teacher will soon be receiving a letter regarding individual Master Teacher status. New Master Teachers will also receive a certificate from the Professional Standards Commission.

New guidelines for the 2009 application will be posted on this website later in the summer in preparation for the application cycle which will open in November 2008.

School system superintendents will be receiving guidelines this summer from the Department of Education, Teacher Quality Division, to apply for funding for salary supplements for Academic Coaches and stipends for Master Teachers who serve as mentors for new teachers.

Master Teacher certification renewal is now on a five-year cycle. Also note that a valid Master Teacher certificate may be used in place of the coursework requirement for renewal of a Georgia educator certificate. Local school systems must maintain a record of the Master Teacher certification on file along with other documentation kept on file at the school system used to support renewal of a Georgia educator certificate.

Guidelines for renewal of Master Teacher certification will be posted on this website in the fall of 2008 in preparation for the first group of renewals in fall of 2009.

To read the Governor's press release, please click the following link:,2668,78006749_115144080_115419500,00.html

To see the list of the 2008 Master Teachers, click here: