Leadership Certificate


A great many telephone calls and e-mails are being received by the Professional Standards Commission (PSC) and the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) concerning the "status" of individuals currently enrolled or about to enroll in degree programs in Leadership. A large number of the questions concern the status of salary increases for these advanced degrees.

The rules which govern educator salaries fall under the authorization of the GaDOE and the State Board of Education. At the present time, these rules authorize salary increases for Georgia educators based on obtaining higher college degrees (master's, education specialist, doctorate, etc.). Posting higher degrees to the individual's certificate, known as certificate level "upgrades", is determined by the PSC based on the highest degree equivalent held by the educator, regardless of the degree major, certificate field or job assignment. No changes to that State Board Rule are currently proposed by GaDOE.

The PSC, with input from many organizations and agencies, is in the process of designing new preparation standards and certificates for Georgia leaders. The current time line for state-approved programs includes a target date of June, 2008 for the sunset, (no admission of new students), of all Georgia programs based on the "old" standards. Approved Georgia leadership programs will open in the Fall of 2008 with approval based on the "new" standards. In between those dates, currently anticipated in January 2008, the new GACE® Leadership Assessment will replace the PRAXIS Leadership test. Prior to the initiation of the new GACE® assessment, individuals enrolled in Georgia leadership programs will take the Praxis assessment. However, upon initiation of the GACE® Leadership Assessment, all individuals who have not already passed the PRAXIS-regardless of the date of entry into a Georgia leadership program-must satisfy the GACE® Leadership assessment.

The following information is provided on the status of PSC Rule changes to Georgia Leadership Preparation and Certification Programs.

The PSC has been working for more than a year with the Georgia Committee to Redesign the Framework for School and District Leadership. This committee includes representatives from the GaDOE, the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement (GLISI), the Georgia School Superintendents Association (GSSA), the Georgia Association of Education Leaders (GAEL), the Board of Regents and the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, as well as university representatives, practicing superintendents, principals and curriculum directors.

Based on the work of that committee, proposed Preparation Rules for Leadership and Teacher Leader Endorsement Programs were initiated by the Commission on January 11, 2007. These rules address the standards and indicators that will be used to design and approve Georgia Leadership and Teacher Leader Endorsement Programs as well as the development of the GACE® Leadership Assessment. The rules, with a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, were posted on the PSC website on January 18, 2007. No comments were received during the 30-day public review and comment phase and the Commission voted to adopt the rules at the March 8, 2007 meeting. These rules will become effective on April 15, 2007.

PSC Certification Rules for the Leadership certificates and Teacher Leader Endorsement are currently under development. These rules will address requirements and procedures for new educators entering the Leadership field, as well as those holding existing leadership certificates and those entering Georgia with out-of-state leadership certificates. Several meetings and presentations on potential policy components have taken place around the state to obtain additional ideas and feedback. The target date for initiating the proposed certification rules is the June-July, 2007 time period. Once initiated, the rules will be posted on the PSC website for a 30-day public review and comment period.