Gifted (P-12)

Changes to the Gifted (P-12) Certification

Effective August 15, 2005, the previous Georgia Gifted (P-12) certificate field has been replaced with the corresponding revised Gifted (P-12) Consultative field name adopted by the Professional Standards Commission. In accordance with No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and IDEA Regulations, the PSC has also reviewed all assessment records on file in the PSC and determined the applicable Academic Content Concentrations for educators holding the Gifted (P-12) field. Please note that concentration areas will not be added to the Gifted Endorsement; only the Gifted P-12 Certificate is affected by this change.
Gifted (P-12) Academic Content Concentrations include language arts, mathematics, reading, science and social science. Eligibility for a concentration is based on five content (not methods) courses in that area (15 semester hours/25 PLUs) OR completion of the appropriate Middle Grades, Fundamental Subjects or Reading Endorsement content area exam (Praxis II, etc.). To serve as a teacher of record when a secondary course is offered for Carnegie unit credit, the Gifted certificate holder must also hold the secondary (6-12) certificate in the appropriate academic area. Educators holding Gifted (P-12) Certificates who believe they have content coursework that may qualify for a Gifted (P-12) Academic Content Concentration that is not reflected on their certificate should send an email to with the following information:
. Their name and Social Security number or Certificate number
. The specific Content Concentration for which they think they qualify
. The specific college or PLU transcript(s) that reflect the content (not methods) courses they think will qualify
. The specific content course numbers and titles that they think will qualify
Any additional certification questions relating to this Gifted Education issue may also be sent to the above email address. Questions relating to NCLB or IDEA Regulations or to Highly Qualified issues must be addressed to the appropriate person in the local school system. School system Title IIA State Consultants may, also, be able to assist you. Those persons can be located by referencing the Title IIA Implementation Guidelines found at