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A number of individuals who have seen the highly recommended Power Point “DID YOU KNOW ?” have asked how to obtain a copy. General comments ranged from “wow” to “I think our teachers need to see it”, to “I think our administrators need to see it” to “I think our student’s parents should see it”, etc., etc.

The “author” is Karl Fisch, Director of Technology at Arapahoe High School, Littleton Public School District in Centennial, CO. It turns out he actually has three presentations posted on his website: DID YOU KNOW?, WHAT IF? and 2020 VISION. The DID YOU KNOW? presentation has been modified/updated several times. (When you download, you may want to revise the first 8 slides or so which focus on Arapahoe High School).

In addition to making the presentations available on line, he has given permission to use, modify, etc.

“I haven't taken the time yet to figure out the different levels of creative commons licensing, but let's just assign the most permissive one. As far as I'm concerned, as many people as possible should be thinking about and discussing these ideas. You all have permission to use, modify, reuse, etc. anything you'd like. (Although if you find good stuff to add to or replace what's in there, I'd love it if you'd send it my way so that I can add it to mine.) Since I basically stole (ummm, "remixed") all of the ideas from other folks I really don't see what claim I have to all this. As far as giving me "credit," you're welcome to - I assume that will help pay for my daughter's college tuition somehow, right?”

The three links below will take you to the appropriate page on the author’s website. You will find background and update information on each presentation as well as the links to download the presentations. While you are there, you may want to browse around other parts of his “FISCHBOWL”. ENJOY!!!





Format Title Sound

Did You Know Show

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Download Did You Know slides
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Did You Know sound 6.98 Mb

What If Show

132 Kb
Download What If slides
180 Kb
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What If sound
5.77 Mb

2020 Vision

16.76 Mb
*Requires Windows Media Player
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