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CAPS (the Certification/Curriculum Assignment Policies System), created by Professional Standards Commission rule 505-2-.26 titled "IN-FIELD ASSIGNMENTS", is a web-based resource that aligns courses in the State-approved curriculum with the Georgia certificate(s) that are in-field to teach that course. The system allows a user to find a course and its appropriate certificates using four different search criteria: by choosing a subject area, entering a course number, entering an exact title or partial title, and/or choosing a grade level. CAPS also allows a user to choose a certificate field and display the courses for which that specific certificate is in-field.

Courses listed in CAPS are described in rule 160-4-2-.03 adopted April 11, 2007 by the State Board of Education and titled "LIST OF STATE-FUNDED K-8 SUBJECTS AND 9-12 COURSES"

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