Certification of Education Personnel in Georgia - Contacting Procedure

The efforts of our limited number of Certification Division staff must be concentrated on processing applications submitted by Georgia school systems. We must, therefore, ask that you use our extensive website or our knowledgeable staff in the Certification Call Center for informational purposes. Otherwise, we simply cannot meet our obligation to our school systems during this critical and peak hiring time.

Key Points To Remember

  • Most Georgia certification information, including changes to requirements under the new certification system; existing certificates; the Georgia TAPP program, our application forms, and much more, is available on www.gapsc.com.
  • Determine the correct route of certification for you by using our self-evaluation for certification .
  • Anyone seeking a nonrenewable certificate should contact the local school system, not our office. It is the local school system that is responsible for pursuing the issuance of non-renewable certificates.
  • Our experience has been that certification issues can be resolved by either the PSC website or by contacting our Call Center, rather than an appointment. It is unnecessary for someone seeking certification to simply show up at our offices. We are able to respond to any question by phone.
  • Any certification inquiries not answered by a visit to our website should be directed to our Call Center by dialing 404-232-2500. One of our Information Specialists will answer your questions or, if necessary, refer you to another of our knowledgeable staff members
  • A visit to our office will not result in the issuance of a teaching certificate.