Master Teacher Enhancements

Governor Perdue Announces Master Teacher Program Enhancements

Governor Perdue has announced exciting changes to the Master Teacher program that propose to further expand the number of teachers selected for Master Teacher certification. The funding attached to some of the changes will be contingent upon approval of the Governor's budget proposals by the 2008 Georgia General Assembly, which is currently in session. To read the Governor's press release, please click on the following link:,2668,78006749_78013037_104535424,00.html

Highlights of these enhancements to the Master Teacher program include:

  • Master Teachers will be eligible for an annual $500 stipend for mentoring new teachers.
  • Master Teachers who serve as Academic Coaches will receive an annual $2,000 stipend.
  • Governor Perdue will give priority consideration to Master Teachers when making appointments to state-level boards of K-12 education agencies.

The Professional Standards Commission will implement the following enhancements:

  • The deadline for applying for the 2008 Master Teacher certification has been extended to March 7, 2008.
  • Master Teachers will automatically earn renewal of their Georgia Educator Certificates as long as they maintain Master Teacher status.
  • An annual conference will honor Master Teachers and provide extended leadership training. The 2008 conference is planned for St. Simons Island on May 4-6.

Additional details about these enhanced incentives will be provided by the Department of Education and the Professional Standards Commission at a later date. However, we felt that it was important to get this new information to local school systems in a timely manner.

Therefore, we are encouraging all superintendents to make this announcement available to all teachers as soon as possible. These new incentives for Master Teachers will create heightened interest in the application process and we are anticipating a large number of applications to be submitted by the March 7 deadline.

Thank you for your support of the Master Teacher program and for making your teachers aware of these exciting changes and opportunities. If you have questions, please contact