Local System Processing

Certification Rules Require Local System Processing

At the August meeting of the Professional Standards Commission, two new types of certificates were adopted, i.e., 505-2-.13 Support Personnel License and 505-2-.14 Non-Instructional Aide, and they will be effective September 15, 2008.

The Support Personnel License requires certification of all individuals who serve in positions of leadership over support functions in the local school system. Such positions include but are not limited to: finance, transportation, public relations, personnel, staff development, facilities, planning, evaluation, research, assessment, and technology coordination. The Commission classifies these positions as authorized, rather than professional; therefore, a written contract is not necessary. It is the responsibility of the local school system to assure that personnel assigned to support personnel positions of leadership hold the Support Personnel License; however, the system may elect to require the Educational Leadership certificate for these assignments, at their discretion.

The Non-Instructional Aide certificate is a new certificate for persons who only perform routine non-instructional tasks, unlike instructional tasks performed by paraprofessionals. This position is, likewise, classified as authorized and does not require a written contract.

The rules for both of these two new types of certificates may be found on the PSC website at http://www.gapsc.com/Rules/Final/cert/rules.asp. The application process is handled totally online by your school system's www.gapsc.org certification administrator, following the same procedures that are currently followed for certifying paraprofessionals. All www.gapsc.org account holders who currently have access to "PARAPRO" will automatically receive access to "AIDE" and "SP LICENSE" on www.gapsc.org on September 15, and should begin submitting applications for these new certificates immediately after that date. If school systems have questions regarding application procedures for either of these new certificates, they may request assistance by contacting the PSC at support@gapsc.com. Questions regarding the rules themselves should be addressed to the Certification Division by calling 404-232-2500 or 1-800-869-7775 outside the metro Atlanta calling area.