GACE To Replace Praxis

New GACE® Educator Testing Program Replaced Praxis Tests September 1, 2006

The Professional Standards Commission (PSC) has developed a new educator assessment program called the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators® (GACE®). These new Georgia assessments are fully aligned with national standards, Georgia educator certification requirements, Georgia educator preparation standards, and the new Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) for P-12 students now being implemented by the Georgia Department of Education. To assist in the development and administration of the assessments, the PSC contracted with National Evaluation Systems, Inc. The first administration of the new assessments was on November 18, 2006. Click here for full 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 GACE®™ testing schedules.

The Praxis series is no longer the officially accepted educator testing program in Georgia.

An exception to this new testing plan is the field of Speech and Language Pathology.  Georgia will continue to accept Praxis (ASHA Exam) scores for candidates in this field.  Two other exceptions are Educational Leadership and Latin.

GACE® assessments in Latin will be deferred until Fall 2007, and the PSC will continue to accept passing Praxis scores for Latin assessments through the end of August 2007.

GACE® assessments in Educational Leadership will be deferred until June 2008, and the PSC will continue to accept passing Praxis scores for Educational Leadership assessments administered on or before March 15, 2008 until July 31, 2008."

After July 31, 2008 the GACE® Leadership assessment will be required to support applications for Georgia Educational Leadership certification.

Additionally the GACE®™ Paraprofessional Assessment is available in the current testing schedule, and the PSC is no longer accepting scores on the ETS ParaPro assessment taken after June 30, 2007.

Many Georgia educators assisted in validating the content for the new GACE®™ testing framework. The PSC is very appreciative of this professional assistance, for it has helped provide a smooth implementation for this new testing program.

Points to Remember
  • Certification field content assessments passed in either the Praxis II or the former TCT testing program are still "good" - educators will not need to take them again. 
  • In the GACE®™ program there will be no broad field social studies test. Instead separate tests will be available for History, Economics, Geography, and Political Science. However the GACE®™ program will include a middle grades social studies test to support Middle Grades Social Studies (4-8) certification.
  • Almost all Georgia educators are required to pass a rigorous test covering the subject matter content in their field(s) of certification. Click here to see the full list of tests required and the related certification fields.